What's New in Each Version

We're constantly using your feedback to make the software better. Here's what's new in each version.


Version 0.59

Automatic Magnet Alignment Calibration

The positioning between the magnets and the encoders can vary slightly from machine to machine to. This can cause the machine to move in a jerky manner. The machine can now be calibrated to your magnet placements using the "calibrate magnets" button under the "Run" -> "Diagnostics" panel.

Position Saved Between Poweroffs

The machine now saves its position if it is inactive for .5 seconds. The position is saved into EEPROM which is a form of memory which is not erased when the arduino is powered off. This is the first step in working toward a system where the machine can resume a job if it interrupted part way through. This feature happens automatically.

MM to Inches Button

We received a request for an easier way to switch from mm to inches, so there is now a button above the position readout which switches from mm to inches when you click it.

More Digits on Inches Readout

It was pointed out that the digital readout had a precision of .1 in both inches and mm which didn't make sense. The digital readout now has a precision of .1mm or .01 inches.

Several Gcode Interpretation Bugs Resolved

We resolved issues with gcode from a number of sources. If you find a file which doesn't cut right, please let us know so we can fix it.

Large Gcode files Won't Hang the Program

Large gcode file 100,000+ lines would cause ground control to crash. We added a new feature where only the first 8,000 lines of gcode are rendered on the screen, which solves the problem.

Test Functions Restored

The functionality of the "diagnostics" functions was broken in version 0.58, and the functionality is now restored.

Philosophy Changes: Weekly Updates`

There have been dozens of other small changes also along the way which I've forgotten about because it has been so long since the last update. To prevent that from happening again we are going to be moving to a bi-weekly update system. Putting together an update is a lot of work. The process historically involved a lot of moving files around on thumb drives (each OS needs to be built on it's native system). To simplify that process we've made a couple of changes. First, I bought a Mac computer which means I no longer rely on anyone else for access to testing on OS X. Second, we've moved the build files into the GitHub page, meaning that myself and everyone else has access to all the necessary files from anywhere. Even between releases there is now a place to get the most up to date development version without having to run the program from the source code. The biggest drawback to this system is that the executable file will be called cncgc now instead of GroundControl.