The Makesmith CNC Router

What does it do?

Our CNC router takes a two or three dimensional computer model of an object and precisely cuts that object out of any soft material. This technology has been around for decades, but we strive to make it affordable and easy to use. A CNC router allows an individual to shape objects that would otherwise be tedious, difficult, or even impossible to complete by hand. Our router can cut wood, plastic, foam, circuit boards, and many other soft materials. It is not intended to cut metals, which would require a much more expensive machine. 

The frame and mechanical components of our CNC router are custom designed from the ground up to minimize the cost of the machine without incurring any unacceptable loss of performance. We are trying to provide something that people have been able to purchase for a couple of years, but at a fraction of the price.

Makesmith CNC Beta Specs

  • Custom closed loop controller
  • 8.8in x 8.2in x 1.9in workspace (225mm x 210mm x 48) (cutting/working area)
  • 15in x 15in x 14in machine size (380mm x 380mm x 350)(dimensions of the entire machine)
  • .00005in (.001mm) minimum step size (the minimum amount the machine can be instructed to move)
  • .004in – .02in repeatability (.1mm - .5mm) depending on feed rate, end mill type and material (the ability to return to the same spot after a process; accuracy)
  • 5in/min (127mm/min) maximum feed rate (the rate it can move in any one direction). 

Learn more about what our CNC Router can cut by visiting our Tools & Materials page.

Kit Information

  • The beta kit contains all the parts you will need to put together your own desktop CNC router except the dremel or other rotary tool. You will receive a complete set of laser-cut parts to construct the frame and moving parts of the router, all the necessary metal hardware, an Arduino compatible microcontroller, three continuous rotation servos and three magnetic encoder boards, and all of the requisite bolts and wires.
  • To assemble your kit you will need a soldering iron (previous soldering experience is not necessary), a small fillips screw driver, a 7/16 socket or pliers and some glue. You should be able to put your kit together in an afternoon.
  • Before you purchase a kit, it is important to understand that you are purchasing a CNC router which was designed to minimize cost. To keep costs low we use standard threaded rods instead of lead screws which results in backlash (slop between the nut and threaded rod). This can be largely compensated for in the software. The movements of the machine are slow because the forces on the frame have to be kept small to keep accuracy high.
  • Software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • The included power supply will work with 110 - 220 volts, and we can provide a U.S. or E.U. power cord.

To learn more about how the Software works visit the “Software” page.