Connect to CNC with Linux

This is a quick introduction on how to connect your CNC router to the Ground Control software on a Ubuntu computer.

With the router connected to one of the USB ports on your computer, launch the Ground Control program. The program will automatically try to connect, but fail because if this is the first time you have connected, Ground Control won't know which port Linux has assigned to your router.



Select the correct port by clicking the "Port" menu option.



Press "update list" to refresh the list of devices connected to the computer.

Click on the port which your router is connected to. It will be the same location as you selected in the Arduino program. The Ground Control software will now attempt to open a serial connection on that port to the router. If it is successful in opening the connection you will see the text "Connected on port dev/" appear in the text box on the lower right of the screen.



When Ground Control has verified that the serial connection is working by receiving messages from the machine, the connection indicator will turn green and tell you that the connection is open.



You are now connected to the router, and you can send commands to it using the arrow buttons in the top right of the screen.